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Simple Fall Decorating for the Kitchen

Fall is my favorite time of year!  I love getting out my favorite hoodies and flannel shirts for the cooler weather.  But with the start of school and all that entails….fall is also a busy time of year.

I always have way too much going on during fall to do elaborate decorating, so I need quick and simple fall decorating ideas.

I focus my fall decor on the kitchen area since that is where I spend most of the day! When I’m feeling really ambitious, I decorate the mantel for fall too 😉

These are some of my favorite ways to easily add the feeling of fall to your kitchen and many of these ideas would look great on your mantel or fireplace too!

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simple fall decor

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Farmhouse Frame with Clips

Probably my favorite decorating item is a cute farmhouse frame with clips!  If you don’t have an abundant amount of kitchen counter space, this one easily hangs on the wall.

If you’d rather display it on the counter, the frame looks darling sitting on a little wooden easel!

I love to display motivational quotes and scripture, and this makes it so very easy to do that.

You can simply change out the printable to match your mood or the season!


simple fall decorating with wooden frame with clips
Easily change your display

Farmhouse Metal Tray

This rustic metal tray is perfect for simple fall decorating and is so versatile when decorating for any season!

I’m such a practical person so I get excited when a decorative item can be used for more than just one holiday.  With just a few little changes, this tray can be used to decorate year round!  

You can fill the tray with pine cones,for a beautiful fall table centerpiece.

Add some flameless candles surrounded by berry twigs for simple and elegant fall table decor. 

This also looks so cute on the kitchen counter holding bottles of cooking oil surrounded by miniature pumpkins.

DIY fall decorations are easy when you choose items that can easily be switched around and rearranged for the occasion.


simple fall decorating ideas with rustic metal tray with wooden handles
Rustic farmhouse tray for decorating any time of year!



Simple Fall Decorating with Candles

Flameless LED candles look just like the real thing and are a must have for any occasion!  The timer feature is so handy… can choose the time you want the candles to come on each day and for how long.  You can control all of the candles with one remote.

Traditional candles are a significant fire hazard making these flameless candles a necessary alternative….especially if you have curious children or nosy pets.

Another advantage of using flameless candles is that you and your family won’t be breathing in the toxic chemicals that traditional scented candles emit.  Win-win!

You can arrange the candles on a decorative tray surrounded with fall accents.

The possibilities are endless a little imagination and all of the fun fall decor accent options!

simple fall decorating with flameless led candles with remote
Flameless candles: safer alternative to traditional candles

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Simple Fall Decor Accents


inexpensive fall decorating ideas with berry twig garland
Berry twigs or garland are perfect for fall decorating!
diy fall decorative acorns
Decorative acorns

fall decor ideas fall leaves
Decorate with fall leaves


simple fall decorating with fall flower arrangements
Fall flowers to brighten the season!

Simple fall decorating wouldn’t be complete without flowers. Fall flowers are so calming and are such an easy way to bring beauty and joy to every room of your home.

You can make adorable little flower arrangements in mason jars and display wherever you need a pop of color this fall!


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Fall Scents

Make your home smell like the fall season with essential oils.  Put a few drops of cinnamon or nutmeg oil in your diffuser and your house will smell like you are simmering spices on the stove top!

simple fall decorating with essential oil diffuser

simple fall decorating with essential oils in fall scents
Diffuse the scent of warm spices for a fall feel!

Fall Mug

Oh my goodness, this cup just makes me smile!   Your pumpkin spice latte will taste even better from this cute little mug.  These make great little gifts too!

simple fall decorating hello pumpkin coffee tea mug cup
Adorable mug!!!

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Simple Fall Decorating: 7 Affordable Items You Need

6 thoughts on “Simple Fall Decorating: 7 Affordable Items You Need

  • September 4 at 10:39 am

    I’m going to start using some Fall blends in my diffuser..

    • September 5 at 11:29 pm


  • September 4 at 6:33 pm

    I love decorating for fall too. The colors just speak to me. I wish we had more of a fall here in California.

    • September 5 at 11:33 pm

      Fall colors are my favorite! In Texas, our Fall doesn’t last long…it’s usually 100 degrees one day and the next week it decides to be winter! But I sure do love when the leaves change colors and the bugs go away!

  • September 11 at 11:35 am

    Angela, as a decoratively challenged person I love all these ideas. Thank you for all the creatives ways to easily add a little fall fun into my home. I think my favorite is the “hello Pumpkin” mug and the farmhouse tray! Pinning:)

    • September 12 at 10:25 am

      Is that mug not the cutest!! Makes me happy!! Thank you so much!!


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