10 must have cleaning supplies

We recently moved my oldest son into his own place.  This is the first time he has lived all on his own and he needed everything from furniture to towels to cleaning tools and supplies.

He doesn’t have kids,  but does have my sweet grand-puppy, Sadie.  She’s a beautiful yellow lab and sheds like crazy!

So as we were getting his little household set-up, I wanted to make sure he had the most efficient cleaning tools that wouldn’t take up too much storage space in his tiny apartment.  


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What cleaning tools do I need for my household? 

There are some basic essential cleaning tools every home must have. 

If you have a house full of kids and pets, you will want to have more than the basic cleaning tools and products in order to make your cleaning chores easier and faster.  

But if you are just setting up your home, you will want to make sure you have these basic, essential, cleaning tools and supplies: 


All Purpose Cleaner

Best All-Purpose Cleaner: Force of Nature 

Every home needs a good all-purpose cleaner that works hard without harmful chemicals. 

I use Force of Nature cleaner in my home and it is, hands-down, the BEST cleaner I’ve ever used. 

It’s the first time I’ve been able to have a powerful cleaner that doesn’t bother my allergies or asthma!  It’s non-toxic and completely safe to use around the children and pets.  

Best Green All-Purpose Cleaner: Better Life Natural

100% Plant derived, Better Life Natural All Purpose Cleaner can be used on any water safe surface.  Solar energy and recyclable materials are used to package Better Life products.  It’s perfectly safe to use around children and pets too.  

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Best Non-Toxic All Purpose Wipes: Sun & Earth Cleaning Wipes

Sometimes the clean up job calls for the convenience of a wipe.  These Sun & Earth all purpose wipes are plant based and non toxic.  You can clean the messes without worry! 


Must Have Cleaning Tools: Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cloths are non-abrasive so they can be used on all surfaces.  They are super absorbent and won’t leave lint or streaks behind.  Microfiber cloths pair perfectly with a non-toxic all purpose cleaner or with plain water.  

Microfiber cloths can be used to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, shower, sinks, counter tops…everything!  

best cleaning tools: microfiber


Must Have Cleaning Tools for Stubborn Messes

Scrub Brush

There will be times when you will need a good scrub brush to tackle a mess.  A simple hand held all-purpose scrub brush should do the trick and it can conveniently be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.  

Toilet Brush

A brush for cleaning the toilet is a must-have item.  Not the most glamorous chore, but necessary.  

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home cleaning tools

 Cleaning Tools for Dishes

Even with a dishwasher, there are lots of dishes that require hand washing or scrubbing. 

These machine washable scrub sponges are perfect for scrubbing dishes. 

They are proven to remove over 99% of all bacteria using ONLY water (although I still use a bit of Natural Dish Soap).

best cleaning tools for your home

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What cleaning tools do I need for floors? 

Broom and dust pan

Every home needs some type of broom and dust pan.  A vacuum or a dust mop will be able to handle most jobs, but some messes require a broom for clean up.  

If your space is extremely limited, you could get by with a small handheld broom and dust pan.  

Dust Mop and Wet Mop

Your hard floors will need a dust mop to quickly clean up dirt, dust, and pet hair. 

Microfiber is the most efficient because all of the small debris sticks to it.  And the microfiber cloth is removable and can be thrown in the wash and used again and again.  

When your floor needs a deep clean, you can put the microfiber wet mop pad on.  Then simply spray your all-purpose cleaner on the floor and clean with the mop.  

best cleaning tools for a clean house
cleaning tools and supplies

Vacuum Cleaners

If you have carpet, you will definitely need a vacuum cleaner.

My son’s small apartment has only hard floors and since it’s so tiny and no kiddos, he can get by with only a handheld vacuumA handheld vac that can also clean wet spills is efficient and convenient with a very affordable price tag.  

Ideally, a 2 in 1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner that is also a handheld vac will thoroughly clean all your floors. 

This one weighs 3 pounds and will clean carpets, hard floors, curtains, furniture, walls, ceilings, and your car interior.  

What cleaning tools do I need to keep my house dust free? 

If you have a vacuum cleaner with attachments, then you can use that to dust ceiling fans, shelves, walls, etc.  But if you have a large house or if you don’t have attachments, you will need a good way to collect dust from surfaces.  

Microfiber Dusting Wand

With a flexible dusting wand you can clean all of those out-of-reach places.  Choosing a dusting wand with a removable, washable cloth versus disposables is a more eco-friendly choice.  

A dusting mitt is handy for cleaning small items and I keep one in my car too


What are your must-have cleaning tools?  Be sure to comment below!  

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