About Me

Hey there! I’m Angela, and just like you, I am many things to many people!

I’m a first grade teacher turned stay at home mom. I juggle being mama to four boys…a 25 year old, 15, and 5 year old twins (yep, every 10 years!!)

I’m a busy wife, blogger, budgeter, friend, compulsive researcher, recovering perfectionist, and most importantly, daughter of a loving and merciful God.

My mission here at Handling Home Life is to give you realistic solutions & easy-to-use systems that will help you simplify & manage every area of your busy life.

I was teaching my 17th year in October of 2012 when I gave birth to our twin boys. We knew life was about to get crazy, but were completely unprepared and overwhelmed to learn that one of the babies was born with complicated health problems.

Returning to my career after maternity leave would no longer be possible.  I had no idea how we would make it all work, so I got busy figuring it out.  

More than five years later (through much trial and error)….

I’ve developed efficient and practical ways for my family to survive (and thrive) on one income and methods that keep my chaotic home running smoothly (most days!)

I will share practical ways to:

• reduce household spending

• create & stick to a budget

• plan & prep for meals

• declutter & organize every area of your home and your life

• teach your kids at home

• teach a child with special needs

• understand nutrition & how it affects kids’ physical & emotional health

• how to make healthy foods for your family

• tackle DIY projects–décorating, sewing, crafts, wood working

• DIY home & appliance repairs

• how to completely remodel a bathroom by yourself! (if I can do it, You definitely can!)

• how to make ugly or broken furniture become functional & look fabulous!

• how to do your own improvements & updates to your home

And I’ll share the truth about how challenging all of it can be.

I’m so happy you’re here! I can’t wait to get to know each other!

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