diy mason jar flower arrangements

One of the quickest ways to give your home (and yourself) an instant mood boost is with fresh flowers!   This simple DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement is the perfect way to brighten things up and it won’t break the budget!

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I love the wide mouth mason jars and find so many uses for them!  One day at Kroger, I picked up tinted aqua blue jars like these and they are my favorite!

Mason jars are so versatile allowing you to create a new look simply by changing the type of flowers, the ribbon, or the filler that you use.

You can put together these little flower jars in less than 10 minutes.  Ideal if you are a busy mom like me!

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I use these when I need simple table centerpieces for holidays, birthdays, parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and to decorate the mantle, or to place on small tables around the house.

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These are also perfect when decorating your home for the different seasons.  Mason Jars are great for simple fall decorating or for your festive holiday decor too.

Probably my favorite time to display fresh flowers is after I do a big deep cleaning of the house.  I love the feeling of a clean home—even if it only lasts 28.2 seconds!

Supplies Needed For Your DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Quickly & Easily brighten your space with DIY rustic farmhouse mason jar flower arrangement centerpieces. These were so easy and very budget friendly! I already had everything but the flowers! Such an easy way to decorate for the holidays, the seasons, or for outdoor entertaining! #diy #farmhousedecor #masonjars

Sometimes I simply arrange the flowers into the jar without a decorative filler at the bottom.  But I love the rustic farmhouse look that the small stones give…and my twin sons have the best time outside, carefully choosing the rocks that I will use.

 Simple Instructions For DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

First, you will need to cut the stems of the flowers so they are a nice height for the jars.  Then, decide how you will combine the flowers for each jar.

Next, cut a small piece of the twine and tie it around the stems of each bouquet to keep them together when you place it in the jar.

I usually buy my flowers at the grocery store and they always include a little packet of plant food.  I sprinkle a bit of the plant food into each jar.

Now, place the flowers into the jar and gently drop the stones in so that they surround the flower stems.  I fill the jar about 3/4 full with the stones.

Finally, add water to each jar and you are finished!

DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Your gorgeous DIY jar centerpieces are ready to cheer up your space!

More Ideas For DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

You can easily create a new look with just a few variations:

  • Baby’s breath
  • Hydrangeas (my fave!) Fresh or you can use Silk
  • Cotton stems 
  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Lavender
  • Greenery
  • Ribbons to tie around the jars that coordinate with your occasions
  • Various fillers such as sand & seashells for summer, pearls for mother’s day,  or acorns for fall

I can’t wait to hear how yours turns out!  What are your favorite flowers or fillers to add to your arrangements?  Do you use fresh flowers or artificial?  Be sure to leave a comment—I’d love to know!! 

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