Having a new baby can be such a thrilling time of life but can also be quite overwhelming–especially when it comes to how to organize baby clothes. If you need simple ways to organize and store baby clothes, then you are in the right place!

As a new parent, you will definitely want to use these easy tips to organize your baby clothing and baby’s room BEFORE the baby girl or baby boy (or both!) arrive.

When your baby gets here, you will likely be overwhelmed with diaper changing, late night feedings, birth announcements, and lack of sleep. You won’t have much time to think about baby clothes organization ideas after the little bundle is here.

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Best Way to Get Baby Stuff Organized?

Having an organization system in place is one of the best ways to organize baby clothes and all the baby things. This will reduce a lot of stress and save precious time that you can spend snuggling your new baby.

Here you will find organization tips and storage options to organize all the tiny baby clothes. No matter what your storage space is like, a new mom will find great options and the easiest ways to sort and organize all the baby stuff.

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Organize Baby Clothes by Size

The first step for how to organize baby clothes and tiny items is to sort them by size.

Make sure that different sizes are grouped together. This makes it easy to grab what you need quickly.

Using size dividers in your baby closet keeps your baby’s clothing and cute outfits organized in your hanging space.

You obviously want to keep the current size in the front of your closet space with the next size right after. Then the clothes are ready for baby’s growth spurt.

One of the best hacks for how to organize baby clothes is to keep a separate section for all the tiny clothes you will need for the newborn stage.

How to organize baby clothes in dresser drawers

Using the top drawer of baby’s dresser for newborn items is a great way for keeping all those baby shower outfits handy to use.

Use the dividers to keep similar items grouped together such as onesies, socks, burp clothes, baby shoes, or hair bows. The bottom drawers are ideal to hold larger items such as diapers and baby wipes.

Organize Baby Items with Storage Bins

Using clear bins allows you to quickly see what’s stored inside. This is helpful especially if you have a lot of clothing. I still use storage bins to store my kids clothes even after the baby stage.

The bins can be used to store clothes that are too big, out of season clothing, or to keep what your baby outgrows. Then, you can tuck those outgrown things away for the next baby.

The good news is that the closet organizer police won’t be enforcing how to organize baby clothes, so you do whatever is easiest.

What to do with Clothes Baby has Out-Grown

Toss the outgrown clothing into the bin to save. Later, go through the bin and separate the clothes based on keepsake items, clothes to save for the next baby, or baby items you want to donate or pass on to friends or family members.

You also may want to sell or consign some of your baby clothing so it’s a good idea to sort those out and get them ready to list.

When you sort through baby’s clothes, you will find that many are sentimental items that you want to save.

Just be sure to label the container with the contents so you will quickly know what’s inside.

How to Organize the Changing Table

Be sure to label the baskets at the changing table to quickly find what things. You don’t want to be distracted trying to locate the baby wipes when you have a wiggly baby on the changing table.

How to Organize Baby Clothes and Accessories

This makes it simple and easy to get your baby dressed quickly. No more wasting time searching the baby closet for the matching pieces to complete the outfit.

Minimalist Baby with a Rolling Cart

Keeping a cart stocked with baby supplies makes it easy to roll the cart to the living room or bedroom so you always have what you need in every room of your home.

Baby Clothes Organized

Trying to figure out how to organize baby clothes can feel like an overwhelming project, but you will be so thankful that you took the time to do it.

What are your favorite baby clothes organizing tips? I’d love for you to share in the comments!

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