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The #1 Solution to Easily Organize DVDs



One of our favorite family activities is to put in a DVD, pop some popcorn and watch a fun movie.

But, let me tell you what’s NOT fun.


When the DVD we want to watch is lost in the deep dark hole of DVD-clutter-chaos-mess.

You know what I mean, right?  You want to watchWreck it Ralph…you finally find the movie case and of course, the DVD isn’t in there.   The Ice Age DVD is living there.


So logically, you go to the ‘Ice Age‘ case, but no…’Wreck it Ralphisn’t hanging out in there either.

I’m usually ready to sign up to be on an episode of “Hoarders’ by the time I find what we were wanting to watch!


Let me help deliver you from the DVD madness!


I’ll show you how to organize DVDs with the BEST method I’ve found.

This will make your life so much easier and save you time and frustration on your movie nights!


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But aren’t DVDs Obsolete? 

Most of our movie-watching is now done with streaming which is super convenient. We have access to thousands of TV shows and movie choices with Amazon Prime Video Channels, so we don’t purchase as many DVDs anymore.   

However, we certainly aren’t aren’t ready to get rid of our DVD collection. It has come in super handy many times—especially with the kids!  

There are occasions when our internet is interrupted and I really need the twins to sit still with a video so I can make dinner.  


DVDs to the rescue!  


We also take DVDs on road trips to watch in the car

Recently, we took our favorite DVDs with us when we stayed at an Airbnb that was very rural and didn’t have Wifi.  


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#1  Gather ALL the DVDs


Go around the house and collect all the DVDs that are in bedrooms, under the beds, family rooms, in backpacks, or purses.  Go to the the cars and gather any DVDs from there.

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#2  Purge


Time to say goodbye to movies you no longer want.   

But don’t dare donate that ‘Harry Potter’ collection without checking with the hubby first!! (don’t ask how I know!) 

Definitely need to get input from the family for this step. Oh, and take note of how many DVDs you are keeping.


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#3  Get Rid of the DVD Cases


First, decide what you will do about the paper insert.  I only keep the inserts for the kid DVDs so they can identify the movie by the picture before being able to read.

But, get rid of all the DVD cases

Recycle those suckers.  They take up WAY too much space.




#4  Get a DVD Binder Case


I ended up using two binders to organize our DVDs.   I use this one for kid movies so I can include the movie title insert.

Binder to organize DVDs


This is the one I use for grown-up movies.

I also have this small one for taking movies when we go on road trips.


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#5  Decide How To Organize DVDs


There are lots of ways to organize DVDs and it’s best to choose the method that will make the most sense to you and your family.  I organize our grown up DVDs alphabetically.

The kids DVDs are ‘loosely’ organized by genre.  I put all the “Veggie Tales’ DVDs together, all the ‘Curious George” together, etc.


And now you can quickly find any DVD because they are beautifully organized and take up much less space than before!


Family movie night will be fun again!!



For tons of organizing and decluttering inspiration, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!


Let me know how your DVD organizing went in the comments below! 


Stack of DVDs: how to easily organize dvds with binders


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