15 things you need in your mom car

Who has time to be disorganized when you’re a busy mom on-the-go?  It’s all about organization, especially when it comes to mom-life in the car! From trunk organization, car snacks and supplies, to parenting hacks–these tips will help make your mom life easier. As a busy mom, I’m in my car A LOT and need to have all of the car essentials ready. 

The teenager has school, sports, orthodontist appointments, and a summer job.  The twins have gymnastics, play dates, Beckem’s therapies….most days it feels like we are practically living in our car!  

Whether it’s a road trip or daily shuttling around, there are some car essentials that I make sure to have.  

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the necessary things you need to have in your car for every possible situation or emergency, but these are some of the car essentials to make life a little bit easier!

Oh, and you can read more here about how I organize my schedule to ensure everyone is where they should be on the correct day and time!

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Car Essentials Moms Should Keep in the Car

Stain Remover

You will definitely want to keep some of these stain remover pens in your car to remove small spills and spots on clothing.  They come in super handy when pulling in to church and noticing toothpaste on a kid’s shirt!

Change of clothes for everyone

car essentials for the mom car

I use these roll up space saving bags to keep a change of clothes in.  These take up very little room and have been so helpful many times!

I’m always prepared if I spill coffee on my shirt, spill an entire cup of coffee in my teenagers lap, or if the twins need a change of clothing for whatever reason.

Seat Protectors to Keep Car Organized & Clean

Seat protectors are an absolute necessity if you want to keep your car interior from being marred by kids’ car seats.  And to keep little shoes from ruining the back of seats, you need kick mats.  

The kick mats also serve as a back seat organizer.  You can store all of the car essentials like sippy cups, water bottles, umbrella, toys, and it can hold a tablet as well.  

Mom Car Essentials: Toothbrush

These mini disposable toothbrushes come in so handy!!  They are pre-pasted and don’t require any rinsing.  Perfect if you need to brush on the go. 

I keep these in my car, my purse, and I never travel without them!

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Car Essentials: Trunk Organizer

A trunk organizer will help keep everything neatly accessible.  This trunk organizer is foldable, waterproof, and holds tons of stuff! 

This is where I keep our change of clothes, umbrellas, jumper cables, etc.  I’ve used this in the trunk of my car and in the back of my SUV and it fits nicely in both.  

But, for the SUV, I prefer a trunk organizer like this one.  

mom car essentials

Plastic Bags: Mom Car Essentials

I save the plastic bags from the grocery store and keep several in my car. 

They can be re-purposed for trash, muddy shoes, soiled clothing, and even a barf bag in a pinch!  

First Aid Kit: Car Essentials

A basic first aid kit is a must-have for the mom car.  I like to put my own first aid kit together so I can leave out the things we wouldn’t need.  

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And since I have no concept of the passage of time, I use my handy-dandy label maker so I know when I last updated the kit. 

You want to routinely check expiration dates for the items in your kit and replace anything past it’s date.  

mom car essentials: first aid kit

If you’re feeling crafty, check out this post:

Make your own DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit for less than $10.

Mom Car Essentials:  Wet Wipes

I don’t go anywhere without wet wipes.  We use them to wash hands, faces, wipe spills from the seat…a must have in your mom car! 

Dusting Mitt to Keep Car Clean

Keep a dusting mitt in your car to clean while waiting

I can’t stand a dusty, dirty car interior so I keep a dusting mitt in my console. 

When I’m waiting for a kid, I can quickly wipe all of the interior surfaces and keep things nice and clean! 

Hand Sanitizer: Mom Car Essentials

Hand sanitizer is car essential since I’m kind of a germ-a-phobe!  I keep some in the car and in my purse.  


With my allergies, I always have tissues nearby.  This car tissue holder can be attached to the sun visor, back seat, or on the door.

Paper Towels are Mom Car Essentials

For the inevitable spills that will happen.  Always keep paper towels handy!

Necessary items to keep in your mom car

Snacks & Water

During the summer I don’t leave snacks in my car since it gets so hot in Texas.  Everything would be disgusting and gross. 

However, I certainly have to be ready for the “I’m hungry!” from the back seat!

There aren’t many packaged foods the boys can eat due to their extreme food sensitivities so I try to make sure snacks and meals don’t have to happen in the car.  But I do keep these granola bars in my purse for a growling tummy that just can’t wait!

During the winter months, I leave a box of these granola bars in the car.  

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It may not be a good idea to leave plastic bottles of water in hot cars, so I make sure to fill up our reusable water bottles on the way out the door. 

These water bottles are the ones I like for the twins and the big people in our family like these water bottles.

Entertainment in the Car

Now that we have a DVD player in the mom car, the boys can watch their favorite movies on long car rides.  But, when they get tired of the screen, I have mess free markers to the rescue! 

These mess free markers are absolute genius!!! 

The kids can color in the coloring book but the markers won’t leave a mark on anything other than the book.  

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What other important mom items do you keep in your car? 

Be sure to share below in the comments! 

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4 thoughts on “18 Car Essentials Every Smart Mom Keeps in the Car”

  1. Genius to keep a dusting rag or mitt already in the van. You are so right that often we are just sitting in the car or van waiting. It the mitt is already there we can get the job done!:) Love it!

  2. HELP! But where do you STORE all the things??? I want items to be accessible, but they are NOT all fitting in the glove box. LOL

    1. Angela Evangelist

      What about your center console? I keep most things in there. Things that I don’t need all the time such as the first aid kit, I keep in the back of the car.

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