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7 Awesome Tips to Organize a Small Pantry

Maybe your pantry is way too small, or perhaps you don’t have an actual pantry to store foods.  You can implement some clever hacks to organize a small pantry so that everything is easy to access.

I’ve gathered some fantastic ideas and tips to show you how to get your tiny pantry organized and bring order to your food storage.

These ideas are quick and easy to do and will save you time and money!  It’s so frustrating to find expired foods that I had forgotten were there because of the cluttered pantry shelves.

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If you need even more inspiration to organize your pantry and kitchen, then you’ll find oodles of  DIY ideas here. 

Get Yourself a Pantry

First things first.  If you don’t have a pantry at all, try to designate a couple of kitchen cabinets to be home for your foods.

If finding extra cabinet space is an impossible, consider purchasing a free standing pantryThis one is absolutely gorgeous (I have not personally purchased this), and has excellent reviews. 

The shelves and drawers offer an impressive amount of storage space. 

Oh, and did I mention how cute it is?!

white pantry

Group Like Things Together

Sort foods into categories to make it faster and easier to find things in your pantry.  Group all breakfast items together, place all the pastas together, all the canned goods, etc.

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Organize a Small Pantry with Clear Bins

Once you have your foods sorted into categories, place each group into a clear storage bin.  These clear bins are ideal for storing pantry foods.

TIP:  Be sure to measure your shelf space before buying bins so that they fit.


Expand Your Space

This 2 tiered corner shelf utilizes that awkward back corner spot in your pantry.  A lazy susan is another way to gain access to the containers that tend to be pushed to the back.

These are such smart ideas to DIY organize small pantry! I'm totally motivated to get my pantry cabinet decluttered and organized! #pantry #organizing #organizedpantry #diy #homemakingtips #homeorganization

If you also keep your spices in your pantry, (I keep mine in a drawer) you should check out these cool spice racks.  Another great space gainer is to mount these organizers onto the inside of your pantry door for your spices or other small items.

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Corral the Cans

You will definitely want to get all the canned goods organized and the perfect way is with these stackable racks.  You can also use these for canned drinks.

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Eliminate Bulky Packaging

Take boxed items like granola bars out of the box and place them in a clear bin.   I take cereal bags out of the boxes and roll the top and clip it.  Then I put all the cereal bags into a basket or bin.  You can fit so much more into your space without the bulky packaging.

Another way to save space (and it looks great) is to put your baking goods into canisters. I love and use these wide mouth mason jars, but there are lots of cute canisters to choose from.

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Storage for Produce

I love stackable shelves for storing onions and potatoes.  You could also hang cute wire bins on the pantry wall if you have the space, and keep lots of produce there.

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Even if your pantry is way too small, getting it organized will definitely make your life easier. These simple tips will keep your food organized and accessible.


Do you have a creative solution to organize a small pantry?  I’d love for you to tell me in the comments below! 


how to organize your small pantry

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