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If you’ve been a parent for very long at all, chances are you’ve had a sick kid in the middle of the night.  If you haven’t, just trust me and get prepared!  I’ll show you how to put together a kids sick kit for when illness strikes in the middle of the night.


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how to organize and put together a sick kid for middle of night stomach virus with a free printable supply checklist




Why Do You Need a Sick Kit?

There’s never an ideal time for a sick kid, but at 3 am when I’m in a deep sleep is the worst!  Some illnesses are easier to manage in my sleepy zombie state, but tummy bugs are just dreadful!

You most definitely don’t want to be scrambling around in the dark looking for all of the things you need to care for a puking kid!

As a mom of 4 boys, I’ve had my share of sick kids at midnight to care for.  It took me until the twins to finally put together an emergency sick kit bag!

At the first sound of puking, I race to the hook where our sick bag hangs and get to work!  I don’t have to stumble around in the dark trying to find a bucket, towels, or new sheets….it’s all in the handy sick kit!


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What Supplies Should be in a Tummy Virus Sick Kit?

Now this sick kit is more like a puke pack.  I have it stocked specifically for those no warning tummy viruses when moms have to act QUICKLY!

I keep another first aid box that contains other ‘sick supplies’ for kids’ fevers, colds, etc.

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And be sure to sign up for the Resource Library to download your FREE checklist for you sick bag!  



Tummy Virus Sick Kit

healthy organic electrolyte drink
Healthy oral electrolytes

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Something to Hold Sick Kit Supplies

I use a bag like this one.  It’s nothing fancy but it works and I like that it zips.  You could use whatever you have on hand.  A plastic container with a lid could hold everything and be stored under the bed for easy access.

I hang our sick kit bag on a hook in the closet.

Wherever you decide to keep it, make absolutely certain that it is always put back in it’s designated spot.

Be sure to download the printable sick bag checklist from my Resource Library!  I simply attach the checklist to the bag so I can easily see what it contains and what needs to be replenished.

checklist for sick kit supplies: handling home life


Face Mask & Gloves

When one of the boys wakes up sick during the night, I can grab the bag and have my face mask on in about 2.5 seconds!!

Why a face mask?  Because if not, I’ll need a barf bucket for myself!

I also put on disposable gloves as quickly as possible!  Stomach viruses are brutal and so very contagious.  I do everything possible to prevent the rest of us from getting sick.

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The bag I use for our sick kit

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Barf Bucket

The next thing you will want to have in the bag is some kind of bucket, bowl or bag for your little one to throw up into.  The twins are 5 and they would still need help to manage holding the bucket and directing their vomit inside.

I repurpose a coconut oil buckets,  but this Barf Buddy bucket is funny.

Not that I ever feel like funny during a 3 am tummy bug!

PRO TIP:  Line the bucket with your saved grocery store bags so you can discard and quickly provide a fresh bag lined bucket for the next round of vomit.  Because they never throw up only once!



An official barf bucket 🙂


Clean & Comfort the Kid

As soon as there seems to be a break in the vomiting, I get the kiddo cleaned up.  This typically means a quick spray down in the shower or clean up with the face wipes and a fresh pair of jammies.

This all goes much easier if mom and dad can tag team it!  Hubby is usually on bed/floor clean up duty while I get the kid cleaned and relocated to the couch.

If you are flying solo, focus on getting your little one cleaned up and comforted before worrying about any clean up in the disaster zone.

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Sick Bedding

These disposable bed mats are a life saver!

I like these because of their large size.  I put a fitted sheet over the sofa then a disposablbed mat over that for the sickly kid to lay on.  I keep a sick pillow and blanket in the bag too.  They are nothing special so if they get vomited on, I would throw them away.

Then I turn on a favorite TV show to help them relax.


Tummy virus must have!!!


Clean Hands

I keep hand sanitizer and face & hand wipes in the bag for the sick child and everyone else to use!

Babyganics hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer


babyganics hand and face wipes
Face & Hand wipes

Spearmint Essential Oil

I keep spearmint essential oil in a roller bottle (diluted with grapeseed oil) to quickly calm nausea.  I love this stuff!  It helps with motion sickness too so I always keep some in my purse for car rides.


organic spearmint essential oil
Spearmint essential oil helps us with nausea
roller bottles for essential oil blends
Roller bottles for essential oil

Grapeseed Oil
Grapeseed oil


Clean the Disaster Zone

Now that you’ve got the patient stabilized, it’s time for some dirty work.  Ugh.

Get new gloves and a mask on and grab the paper towels, trash bags, and disinfectant.

Use the paper towels to wipe up any solid pieces and put that in the black trash bag.

Fun, right?

Now put all of the soiled bedding into the clear trash bags (so you don’t accidentally throw them away) and put them in the laundry room, or straight to the washer.

Now hopefully you have some type of mattress protector because let me just say that getting vomit out of a mattress is a nightmare.  If you are reading this and have not yet had to clean a puke bed, then get mattress protectors NOW and thank me later;-)

I would use a steam cleaner if it were necessary to disinfect and clean the mattress.  I can’t find the exact steam cleaner that I own since I’ve had it quite some time, but this one is comparable.

To disinfect hard surfaces, I use these wipesPlease note that I DO NOT use these wipes on a regular basis.

I only use them when cleaning up after a contagious illness in the home.  

You can read more here about how to properly clean and disinfect to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses.

And for everyday cleaning tips, be sure to read my post, Safely Clean Your Home with These Non Toxic Ingedients.


ANOTHER PRO TIP:  I dab some of the spearmint oil right under my nose before I put my mask on.


Disinfectant wipes


Steam cleaner
Steam cleaner

Check on the Patient

Now I offer my little sick boy sips of a healthy electrolyte drink if he is ready.

As soon as I’m able, I start doing a thorough disinfecting of the light switches, door knobs, toys, etc to prevent a houseful of sick people.


Do you have an emergency sick bag for ninja-mom-action in the middle of the night?  What else would you put inside?  

make a sick bag for kids middle of the night stomach virus



All content here should be considered as opinion only.  Always seek the advice of your own health professional for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or the health of others  See full disclaimer.

How to Make a Kid’s Emergency Nighttime Sick Kit
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