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Are mornings at your house stressful trying to get the kids dressed and out the door on time?  These tips for organizing kids clothes will definitely simplify your morning routine.  


What do you do with all the kids clothes?

The best way to keep from having total chaos with your kids’ clothes is to have a minimalist mindset.

Having too many choices is overwhelming. 

Too much of anything makes it harder to keep things clean and tidy.  Whether you are decluttering a closet or clearing clutter from your entire house, choosing to have less will make life easier.

Of course, I’m a mom of boys.  If I were getting to shop for little girl clothes, I might have a problem!

how to organize kids clothes



How many sets of clothes do kids need? 

You don’t want to have too many choices when organizing kids’ clothes, but you certainly don’t want to run out of clothing before laundry day either.

Since I use the one day a week laundry routine, my kids have enough clothes to wear for 7 days without washing.

For each of my boys this equals: 

  • Pajamas: 8-10 sets
  • Underwear: 12-14 pair
  • Socks:  12-14 pair
  • Shirts (for each season):  10-12
  • Bottoms (for each season): 10-12
  • Play clothes (for getting dirty outside) 2-3 sets

This easily gets them through a full week.

They can quickly choose their clothes and jammies without fuss since they aren’t overwhelmed with choices.  

organise toddlers closet and room

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Where to begin when organizing kids clothes

The first step when I organize any space is to take everything out.  This makes it easy for you to declutter and purge.

You will need to sort your kids’ clothing into piles:

1.  Trash

If your kids are anything like mine, there will be many clothing items that are stained, torn, have holes, or are just worn out.  They’ve lived their life and it’s time they go to the trash.

2.  Keep to Hand Down

If you have younger children to hand clothes down to, they will go into this pile.  These clothes no longer fit the current child and are still in good shape for the younger child to wear.

3.  Donate or Consign

If you don’t have kids to hand clothes down to, you will want to donate or take to consignment the clothes that no longer fit.

I donate most things, but some of the nicer clothes, I send to consignment.

free resource library with printables for mom home management

4.  Current clothes 

These are the clothes that currently fit and will be placed back into the closet.

5.  Needed Clothes

This won’t be a pile of clothes.  This will be a list of clothes that are needed.

After you do all of this closet purging, you may realize your child has outgrown all of their undies or that all of the pants are too short.

Make a list of what clothing items are needed and sizes.  

How do I keep my kids clothes organized? 

Having less clothing makes keeping the closet organized much easier.  And there are many other simple ways to make organizing kids clothes manageable.

closet organization for kids


Hanging Clothes

First of all, make sure the kids’ closets are set up to be kid-friendly.

I moved the closet rod down so the boys can reach their hang up clothes without my help.  Even very young children can help put away their own clothing and complete many other chores

Hanging everything possible keeps the kids closet organized and makes it easier for kids to actually see what clothes they have to choose from.

Good quality kids hangers are a must-have and I use these hanger clips for hanging shorts and keeping outfits together.  

Group each type of clothing together when you hang them.  Hang all of the short sleeve shirts together, long sleeves, shorts, pants, etc.

If you have double hanger rods, you can hang the off season clothes at the top. 

If space is limited, off season clothes can be kept in  space saving bags or kept in storage totes that are labeled.

The top rod is also where I hang holiday shirts. 

Winter coats can hang on the top or can be placed in space saver bags if storage space is an issue.

TIP:  Hang holiday shirts in order of the holiday month. 


We did away with bedroom dressers long ago.  I didn’t like the play space they took up in my kids rooms.   

I put these plastic drawer carts inside each kid’s closet to keep underwear, socks, jammies and play clothes.

The drawers are narrow enough that no drawer dividers are needed.  Each drawer is the perfect size to hold one type of clothing.

So pajamas live in one drawer, socks and underwear in one, and play clothes in another.

All other clothes get hung up.

organizing kids dressers and clothes with labels


Organizing Kids Shoes

Shoes can be kept in one of the plastic drawers, a shoe shelf, or simply keep a basket in the closet to place shoes in.

How to KEEP the Kids Clothes and Closet Organized

Okay…so you’ve done all of this work to get the kids’ clothes decluttered.  You have removed everything that doesn’t fit and you’ve made a list of clothes you need to purchase.

All of your child’s clothes are organized neatly on hangers or in drawers.  

So how do you KEEP the kids clothes and closet looking this neat and orderly?  

With systems and routines. 


Teach Them

Teach your kids how to properly put away their clothing, what to do with clothes after they wear them, and how to do their own laundry.

When you implement my Laundry Routine, this will be easier for you and your children to maintain.

It will take some time in the beginning to teach your kids how to complete each step, but it will be worth it.  Not to mention, these are valuable life skills our kids need for the rest of their lives.

Teach kids to organize clothes


Hamper for dirty clothes

Have some type of laundry hamper for your child’s dirty clothes.

And just like magic, when you provide a hamper….your kids will put all of their dirty clothes in!

Oh how I wish!

It’s seriously baffling to me to walk into my 16 year old son’s room and see dirty clothes.  In the floor.  Right next to the hamper!

So if your kids are like mine, they will need many reminders (and lots of grace!)


Hamper for Get-Rid-Of Clothes

Have some kind of container in the closet to put clothes that need to go.  Clothes that don’t fit anymore.

If you notice your child is wearing something that is looking too small, make sure it goes to the get-rid-of box.  Do not hang it back up.

Now I can take a quick glance and know what clothing items each child needs.

Final thoughts on organizing kids clothes

Getting kids dressed and ready in the mornings doesn’t have to be a battle.  When kids clothes are organized, it makes it quick and easy to find the clothing needed for the day.

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What are your best ideas for organizing kids clothes?  Be sure to tell me in the comments below! 

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