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School is out and summer weather is definitely here!  If you’re like me, you need to find some summer fun for kids!

It can be a struggle to come up with summer activities that your kids will enjoy while also staying safe in the summer heat.

If your children have heat sensitivity, then you know how difficult it can be to keep them entertained when the temperatures outside begin to rise.



Be sure to read my post How to Manage Heat Intolerance if you or your kids suffer during the hot months.


Here are some of our favorite outdoor and indoor activities for kids during the summer season so they can have fun without overheating!


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summer fun for kids with heat sensitivity




Summer Fun for Kids—Summer Safety

Our home is in Texas, and the summer day temperatures can reach unbearable levels.

For playing outside, we have to go out early in the morning or late evening, which is still pretty darn hot.


Stay Cool and Hydrated

Make sure everyone stays hydrated with plenty of cold water to drink.  

These BPA-free water bottles hold 14 ounces each making them the perfect size for kids.  I love that it includes a little tray to keep the water bottles organized in your fridge.  

Cooling towels are another way we survive the hot summer days.  We take them with us everywhere we go during the July/August heat.  


Summer Safety–Skin Protection

These are the highest rated sunscreens that won’t break the bank.  

For the kids, I usually use the Babyganics brand and it has been great, but I’m giving this sunscreen a try when it’s time to reorder.  

For myself, I like this facial sunscreen .  It’s fantastic for my super sensitive skin.  


What can you do for fun in the summer?–Outdoor Summer Fun for Kids

After you are prepared to stay cool and hydrated, it’s time to find some fun things to do while soaking up the vitamin D.  


Water Guns and Water Balloons

summer fun for kids: young kids playing with water guns

I don’t know many kids who don’t LOVE water guns!  Fill the water guns, super soakers, and water blasters and have some summer water fun!  

Water balloons are another summer staple that kids will have a blast with.  These are ‘self-sealing’ water balloons which sounds like the way to go!  

Be sure to check out this post from ‘Blessed Beyond a Doubt’ for 20 fun water balloon games for kids.

Your kids will be entertained for hours! 

Summer Fun for Kids–More Water Fun

We have bought one of these pools the last 3 summers….best money ever spent!  It’s not the most durable, but we’ve had no trouble with it lasting the entire summer.  

Here are several inflatable pools and sprinkler pads you can add to your backyard fun for less than fifty bucks.


Sprinkler splash pads are fun for everyone!  Even the pets may like to join! 

summer fun for kids: sprinkler splash mat

Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk

Kids thoroughly enjoy playing with bubbles and being little sidewalk artists.  So when summer is approaching, I make sure to stock up on Lots and lots of bubbles


Car Wash

Lame, I know, but the kids think it’s a blast to wash the car!  And what a productive way to stay cool in the heat 😉

So grab the buckets and sponges….and make sure to use non toxic cleaners so the little ones stay safe while they work.

This is the cleaner that I use for everything and never have to worry about our health being compromised

For some bubbly suds, just add a bit of dish soap to the bucket. 

summer fun for kids: wash the car

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Summer Fun for Kids: Cool Treats

Don’t forget some yummy

This is the time for those messiest snacks since the kids are outside with access to sprinklers! 

Making your own ice cream or frozen yogurt couldn’t be easier with the modern ice cream makers.  

These are highly rated ice cream and frozen yogurt makers .  

And homemade popsicles are a summer necessity!  

You can make refreshing treats that are healthy too!  

Don’t forget a relaxing place to sit and cool off with that homemade treat

And remember to have plenty of outdoor storage for all of your summer toys

summer fun for kids: homemade ice cream and popsicles

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Summer Fun for Kids Indoors

When you’ve had all the outside fun you can take, it’s time to move the party inside. 

The boys LOVE their Cocoon Swing–especially Beckem. 

We have it hanging in his bedroom and it is used every single day. 

Spinning and swinging is extremely helpful to regulate Beckem’s nervous system so we try to always swing right before Speech Therapy. 

On the other hand, Adler becomes completely overstimulated by swinging and spinning

Leave it to my twins to be complete opposites with everything!


 Fine Motor Fun-Theraputty

Theraputty is a hit with my boys! 

We use fun little beads that they smash into the putty.  These animal beads are fun and alphabet beads are great to practice making words and perfect for strengthening fine motor skills.  


Play Dough

Play Dough activities also bring hours upon hours of indoor fun no matter the season. 

These are reasonably priced, highly rated, Play Dough Sets that are sure to please.  
play dough activities: summer fun for kids

Kinetic Sand

The boys love to play with Kinetic Sand.  I put the sand and sand molds into a tub like this with a lid.


Hammering Fine Motor Activity that kids LOVE!


Mess Free Art

We have gotten so much use out of our Aqua Doodles!

You just fill the little marker/pen with water and draw on the doodle mat.  Then, it dries and you can do it all again.  

We also use paint brushes dipped in water to paint on the doodle mat.  

Another popular mess-free art activity: 

Mess free markers.

And there are tons of the mess free coloring pages to choose from or you can even get blank pages for mess free drawing.  


More Indoor Summer Fun for Kids

This 4 way Tunnel is a definite boredom buster.  It’s extremely durable and folds up easily for storage.  

Add a tent and let imaginations take off!  





LOTS of good books

This is Beckem’s fave right now, and both boys enjoy the Disney Character Encyclopedia.


I'm the Biggest thing in the ocean by kevin sherry: summer fun for kids



Disney Junior encyclopedia of animated characters: summer reading fun for kids


Some other popular books this summer:


Screen Time Fun

After playing outside in the summer sun, it’s nice to relax indoors for some screen time.  I’m always looking for educational ways to incorporate the screen that are still super engaging.  

The Amazon Free Time Subscription simplifies screen time for busy moms!  

Kids will have access to thousands of books, tv shows, movies, educational apps, Audible books and games. 

Kids can also enjoy fun music playlists, ad-free radio stations, Audible books, and kid’s skills on Echo devices. 

The very best part is how easy it is for parents to filter and customize everything for each individual child. 

You are able to access all of this content with Kindle, Fire, Android, and iOS devices.  

Try the 1 month free trial….I KNOW you’ll love it! 


What summer fun for kids activities do your kids love?  Be sure to tell me in the comments!!  


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