4 Steps to organize passwords & usernames


It baffles me that a ‘hacker’ on the other side of the world could almost effortlessly figure out my online passwords.


I mean, seriously? I can’t figure out the password and I’M the one who created the darn thing!  Here I am typing every version of capitals and special characters and numbers of the password I thought I used until I am once again, locked out.


I just counted 65 sites that we have usernames and passwords for…..SIXTY-FIVE!!  And that’s not even counting all of my blog related sites!


I’m sure we can all agree how important it is to create strong passwords, but good grief!  I couldn’t even remember my “weak” passwords.  Then, I would get frustrated so I would create a new account with a different email.


Yep—bigger mess than I started with.


I’ve tried several ways to keep track but nothing worked, so I was on a mission to figure out how to organize all my passwords & usernames.  My sanity was at stake.  Let me help you save your sanity too.




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#1  Decide if you will organize passwords

      electronically or old-school (on paper)


First thing you must do is decide which method you want to use.  There are many apps and online password managers you can choose from.  This article highlights the features of several.


You will ultimately have to weigh the pros and cons of online vs paper and decide which route is best for you.


I have not used any of the electronic password keepers, but they seem to work for many people and maybe someday I will give it a try.


But, for now, I am ‘old school’, and I will share the super simple way I never ever stress about trying to remember passwords.




#2  Gather all of your logins & passwords


If you’re anything like me, this might take awhile.  Gather the sticky notes where you wrote passwords and the slips of paper at the bottom of your purse.  If you need to reset some of your passwords, do that now and write that information on a piece of paper.


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#3  Get a business card book & blank business cards


It’s just a little vinyl book that has clear plastic pages that holds business cards.

I have this one and I love it because the plastic sleeves don’t tear when I’m taking cards in or out.


You will also need some business cards. These are the ones that I use.


If you would rather keep these in your home binder then just slide the cards into plastic pages like these that can be placed into your binder.


baseball card plastic sleeves for binder


#4  Put your information on the cards


Each card will hold the login information for one site.  You will put the website URL, your username, password, and the email used.  You can join our FREE Resource Library to download a  free printable and print business cards that you can easily fill out.  I also use the back of the card to write the answers to my chosen security questions.

I write all of this on the cards with a frixion pen.

They are erasable.

They are awesome.

I’m never without my frixion pens.


frixion pens


I like to write the information with something erasable so I can easily update the cards when I change my password.  Regularly changing your passwords is supposed to keep them more secure.




That’s it!  Now your passwords and usernames are perfectly organized.  You no longer have to waste precious time trying to guess your password!


You may also may want to put the cards into the book in alphabetical order, especially if you have a lot of accounts like me!


I keep our password book in a drawer of the desk so Taylor can easily grab it when he’s logging into an account.    Several people have asked if I’m worried about having my information written down and so easy to access.  100% not worried at all.


In my opinion, chances are far greater that my information will be compromised online than someone breaking into my house and searching for my password book.

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lady sitting in front of computer has forgotten password



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  1. I bought a small spiral bound notebook and put tabs in it to separate the different categories. (Email, utilities, credit cards, social media etc.)

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