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Decorating for Christmas is such a special and happy part of the holiday season. Somehow, putting everything away when the holiday is over isn’t as much fun. When you organize Christmas decorations you will save time and save a lot of work when the holiday season rolls around again.

Purge and Declutter Christmas Decor

Always start with a Christmas decor declutter. Most of us have limited storage space so make sure you are keeping what you love and use. We definitely don’t want to spend time and energy organizing and storing things we don’t need or use.

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How to Organize Christmas Ornaments

Ever since I had the twins, I buy the shatterproof ornaments for our Christmas Tree. This storage idea for ornaments is easy and so smart! Just separate ornaments by color and place in plastic zippered bags. Then, place the filled bags into a clear tote and into the storage closet they go!

christmas ornaments organized by color in zippered plastic bags
Image and Tip Credit: DECOR ADVENTURES

This Christmas ornament storage container holds a whopping 72 ornaments! It has three removable trays and is a smart solution for keeping more fragile ornaments protected and safe.


Organize Christmas Decorations In Storage Bins

Using festive green and red storage totes for your Christmas decorations makes it easy to locate what you need in a jiffy! If you prefer clear storage containers, you could still use red and green lids to color code the decorations you are storing for Christmas.

Christmas decorations stored green and red storage tubs
Image and Tip Credit: SO MUCH BETTER WITH AGE

Hack for Storing Christmas Lights

Storing Christmas lights can be tricky, but with a bit of patience and some pieces of cardboard, you can avoid an impossible tangled mess!

Since my tree is pre-lit, I don’t have tons of Christmas lights to store, but this is a fabulous way to keep light strands neat and orderly.

christmas light strand wrapped around a piece of cardboard
Image Tip and Credit: IHEARTORGANIZING

If you have a lot of lights, these light storage reels make a great storage option. Simply roll up your holiday light strands and extension cords and place in the zippered storage bag. No more tangled mess of lights!

Wreath Storage Idea

There’s nothing worse than pulling out your Christmas wreaths and the bows are smashed beyond recognition.

Just stuff leftover tissue paper into the bow loops and your bows will hold their shape while in storage.

Pretty much genius.

bow of a christmas wreath with tissue paper stuffed into the bow loops so it holds shape in storage
Image and Tip Credit: REAL HOUSEMOMS

Keep your Christmas wreaths safe and in perfect condition for next year with a wreath storage box or zippered wreath bag. Such a convenient way to store wreaths, garland, and other bulky Christmas decor.

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Storage for Christmas Linens

Stash your tree skirts, stockings, Christmas tablecloths, chair covers, and other holiday linens in hanging compression storage bags. This is a great solution for Christmas throw pillows, decorative throws, placemats, and napkins.

You will save tons of space while keeping your Christmas linens dust free in these watertight bags.

Handy Hint with arrow pointing down

Wash all of your linens before storing so they will be ready to go next year!

Store and Organize Christmas Decoration Groupings together

christmas decorations placed in a clear storage bin
Image and Tip Credit: PORCHDAYDREAMER

This is a smart storage idea that will save you so much time when you are decorating next year.

Pack away all of the holiday decorations you display in a certain area or room into one tote.

For example, place all of your mantel decorations together in a tote, then all of the decorations you use in the kitchen in another.

Be sure you label the storage container with what’s inside.

Storing Christmas Bead Garland

repurposed water bottle with a strand of beads inside for storage
Image and Tip Credit: TIP JUNKIE

Waste no more time trying to untangle bead garland. Simply put the garland into an empty water bottle and next holiday season–just pour it out!

How to Store Christmas Trees

Christmas tree being shrink wrapped before storage
Image and Tip Credit: EPBOT

Christmas tree storage takes up so much space and this shrink wrap idea would certainly help maximize your available storage space.

If you want to avoid having to disassemble your Christmas tree every year, then you need this heavy duty canvas tree storage bag. You could even leave your tree fully decorated!

Organize Holiday Gift Wrap

 holiday gift wrap rolls in a clear garment bag
Image and Tip Credit: RACHEL HOLLIS

Store rolls of wrapping paper in a clear hanging garment bag.

gift wrap rolls stored in a gray wire basket
Image and Tip Credit: IHEARTORGANIZING

Or keep gift wrap storage simple with a cute wire basket.

If you have some extra hanging space this hanging gift wrap organizer holds all your Christmas wrapping supplies. There’s room for rolls of gift wrap, gift sacks, tissue paper, ribbons, tape, scissors….everything you need to wrap gifts in one convenient spot.

The best part….

It Swivels!

christmas gift wrap rolls stored in Ikea plastic bag dispenser

A grocery bag storage holder as a gift wrap holder doesn’t take up much space and holds lots of rolls of wrapping paper.

Storing Fragile Christmas Decor

Use bubble wrap when packing away fragile, breakable Christmas decorations. And you can use the same bubble wrap year after year.

Label Everything

This is the label maker that I use and it makes life so much easier! When I’m packing away Christmas decorations, I quickly whip out a label that tells exactly what is in the bin. I also use the labels if I need to be reminded of something for next year. Like if I realize that I need more ornament hooks or need more ornaments in a certain color–I will make a label saying that, and place it on the tub too.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas and inspiration to organize Christmas decorations! What are your go-to tips for organizing and storing holiday decorations? Be sure to share your tip in the comments below!

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