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More than 100 things to clear from your home when you are decluttering

Clutter has a way of creeping in and overwhelming every area of your life. Decluttering your home is an ongoing operation that can feel pretty overwhelming. But a clutter free home will reduce anxiety and make you more efficient and productive.

Some people seem to naturally be able to maintain a clutter free home with little effort. I, on the other hand, have to work really hard to get rid of the unneeded excess.

One of the biggest obstacles for many people is not knowing where to begin. This has always been a struggle for me. And if I can’t figure out what to do first, I won’t do anything at all.

Guess what happens then?

Yep…the clutter mountain continues to grow—increasing my anxiety, guilt, and embarrassment. This article explains how clutter contributes to significant stress in our lives and how to begin to dig your way out.

When I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, I choose one thing from the decluttering your home list. It reduces the stress in my brain when I don’t have to even decide where to begin. The list decides for me.

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Things to declutter from the kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the home and can quickly become the drop off spot for all kinds of clutter. Here are some common things that quickly accumulate and need to be purged.

  1. Pantry: expired foods or foods nobody will eat
  2. Bulky food packaging: transfer foods to clear canisters or containers to save space
  3. Refrigerator: expired foods and foods nobody will eat
  4. Freezer: anything expired or that will never be eaten
  5. Spices: any that are expired or haven’t been used in a year
  6. Extra salt and pepper shakers
  7. Duplicate measuring spoons and cups
  8. Stained dishcloths
  9. Worn out oven mitts
  10. Cookie cutters
  11. Cake/cookie decorating supplies
  12. Mixing bowls
  13. Pots and pans
  14. Pan lids without a pan
  15. Cookie sheets
  16. Baking dishes
  17. Chipped dishes
  18. Coffee mugs that are chipped or you never use
  19. Chipped drinking glasses
  20. Plastic containers without lids
  21. Extra water bottles
  22. Any small appliances you haven’t used in a year
  23. Kitchen gadgets you never use
  24. Silverware that has seen better days
  25. Duplicate utensils
  26. Worn out knives
  27. Extra shopping bags
  28. Junk drawer
  29. Expired medications and vitamins
  30. Worn out scrub brushes or sponges
  31. Decor that you don’t like anymore
  32. Excess serving pieces
  33. Recipe books you never use

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Things to declutter from your kitchen

Laundry room decluttering tips

I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy being a daily laundry lady. Making sure your laundry room is clutter free will increase your laundry productivity. Then you can implement the one-day-a-week laundry routine and have 6 days laundry free!!

  1. Socks without a mate, socks that have holes or are stretched out
  2. Cleaning supplies you don’t like and won’t use
  3. Cleaning tools that you never use
  4. Hangers from the cleaners
  5. Old appliance manuals
  6. Worn out cleaning towels
  7. Unusable light bulbs
  8. Unused hangers

decluttering your home: the family room

The family room is another hot spot for clutter. It’s where everyone gathers to spend time together and things get left out and start to create a mess. Start clearing the clutter and reestablish this cozy happy room!

  1. Excess picture frames
  2. Throw blankets you don’t love (consider donating to an animal shelter)
  3. Decor that you’re tired of
  4. Books you already read, and books you’ll never read
  5. Knick-knacks
  6. Throw pillows
  7. DVDs
  8. Excess furniture
  9. Work out equipment that you never use
  10. Games with missing pieces or that your family never plays

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decluttering your books

decluttering the office

Even if you don’t have a designated room for a home office, you definitely have a place you keep office type items. Getting rid of the unused excess will free up space in your home and mind.

clear the clutter from your home
  1. Cords/wires that are a mystery
  2. Old computers and laptops (consider donating to a small private school that may not have the funds for technology)
  3. Old phones
  4. Old phone cases
  5. Old electronics
  6. Used printer cartridges (recycle or have them refilled)
  7. Empty boxes from things you bought
  8. Used or partially used notebooks
  9. Pens and markers that don’t work
  10. Duplicate office supplies (consider donating to a school)
  11. Receipts (except for big ticket items or receipts needed for tax purposes)
  12. Unneeded paperwork: here’s an article that tells you which documents you should keep and for how long
  13. Mystery keys you’ve had for 20 years
  14. Broken binders

Tool/craft closet

Maybe you use a corner of a room for crafts or your garage for your tools. Either way, decluttering your home of these things can really help your mental well-being.

  1. Old paint
  2. Abandoned projects that you’ll never finish
  3. Broken tools
  4. Duplicate tools
  5. Specialty tools you’ll never use again
  6. Dried up paint brushes and paint rollers
  7. Crafting/sewing supplies
  8. Excessive number of organizing tubs and baskets
Declutter plastic tubs and bins

decluttering your home: the bathroom

I can’t tell you how many times I would have just a bit left in the conditioner bottle, but didn’t have time to work for it. So I would grab a new bottle of conditioner with intentions to get the last bit of the other one the next time.


I never have time.

And so that almost empty bottle of conditioner clutters my shower and causes me guilt every time I see it.

My solution?

I just toss the almost empty bottle immediately and my guilt is gone by the next time I shower.

  1. Almost empty bottles of lotion, shampoo, conditioner
  2. Expired cosmetics and make-up that didn’t work out
  3. Dried up nail polish or polish you hated
  4. Duplicate or dull manicure/pedicure tools
  5. Worn out hair brushes
  6. Damaged hair tools
  7. Stretched out hair ties
  8. Dingy or damaged towels and washcloths
  9. Icky kids bath toys

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Declutter the bedroom and closets

  1. Broken jewelry and jewelry you never wear
  2. Belts you haven’t worn in a year
  3. Handbags not used in a year
  4. Clothing that doesn’t fit, is damaged or you never wear
  5. Old and worn out bedding (animal shelters would love to have these)
  6. Pillows past their best life (animal shelters would love these too)
  7. Raggedy rugs
Decluttering closets

decluttering your home: storage closets

I declutter holiday decorations regularly since I don’t have much storage space for decor. You’ll enjoy your holiday decorations much more when you clear out the clutter.

  1. Holiday decorations you haven’t used
  2. Anything you are storing for your grown kids…have them come pick it up!
  3. Leftover party decorations
  4. Excess or broken luggage (consider donating your unneeded luggage to a local foster care agency. Foster kids often have to transport their belongings from place to place in a trash bag.)
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Kids rooms

Sheesh….this is a stressful one. Some kids are resistant to change and never want to get rid of anything. If you start when they are really young, it will become more natural and routine for them.

  1. Damaged books and books they have outgrown (outgrown books could be donated to a local child care center)
  2. Toys and games that they are too old for and toys they never play with
  3. Toys that are damaged
  4. Clothes and shoes they have outgrown
  5. Decor they have outgrown
  6. Coats and gloves they have outgrown
  7. Outside toys they’ve outgrown or never play with
  8. Stuffed animals no longer loved

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101 Things To Get Rid Of When Decluttering Your Home

Final thoughts on decluttering your home

Clutter doesn’t have to control your home and life. You can start taking steps today to start decluttering your home and reclaim your space.

What else would you add to the decluttering list? Leave a comment below—I’d love to know!

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9 thoughts on “101 things to get rid of when Decluttering your home in 2023”

  1. I know the feeling. Clutter makes you crazy and you never feel like you have a clean home. Pass it on to someone that can use whatever you can’t. Or just pitch it. You can do it.

  2. My favorite privately run animal shelter (whom I still like even after the owner, my neighbor, hypnotized me into adopting two adorable kittens when I was determined never to have my heart broken again) is happy to get just about any kind of bed linens, kitchen towels, bath linens, fluffy throw rugs, etc. Ask before throwing items like those away. As my neighbor said, her volunteers can make anything out of anything. One man’s trash is a rescue dog’s treasure.

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